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Marriage and Family


Use my 4 step plan to overcome anxiety. Learn the techniques used by tens of my clients to get rid of unwanted anxiety. 


Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Love, Sex, Food, Gym... are all different forms of addiction.

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I spent most of my life around people with Alcohol or Heroin addictions. Their problems became my problems. The addicts are unaware of the effects of their addiction on their family and close friends. It was for this reason that I chose to spend almost 18 months working as an Substance Abuse Counselor at BAART Methadone Treatment Clinic, Beverly Drive, Los Angeles.

With an average caseload of over 35, I dedicated my time and efforts to helping individuals overcome their addiction. These were people of all walks of life. From Rock stars and actors to the taxi drivers and the homeless, I treated them all. My success rate was so high that the level of demand for my sessions became overwhelming.

Today I continue that same dedication and treatment techniques in my private practice and help just as diverse a population as I did then.

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Depression, Anxiety, BiPolar, PTSD

In today's world where the cure for every problem seems to lie in a pill, the Psychiatrists tend to fix problems with medication. I totally agree with taking medication to stabilize a patient in a serious situation, however I believe getting to the roots of the problem can have a much longer lasting effect than fixing the chemicals in our bodies.

I like to work in collaboration with your Psychiatrist and help you gain a permanent solution to your problems. Rather than becoming dependant on medications, I like to see my clients take control of their lives and live a happy and stable life.

I have experience working with patients suffering with PTSD, and I don't mean PTSD as a result of serving in Iraq (though I've done that too). Despite general belief, PTSD is not just for the returning soldiers. It can affect anyone who has been in a serious life threatening situation. They can be victims of a violent crime, car accidents, or even witnessing or knowing a victim can cause PTSD. This is a condition that needs careful attentive care and attention.  

Medical Family Therapy

Family dynamics can be disturbed when a new element is introduced into the family. Sometimes this new element is a serious illness or disability, or as simple as a car accident. Chronic illness can have a devastating impact on a family. The ravaging effects of this new element can tear through a family and destroy what was once a hopeful, peaceful, and healthy family. A therapist's role in this situation is invaluable. 



Personal, Career, Business, Public Speaking

I provide coaching to individuals and businesses. As a coach I bring in over 40 years of experience. Having spent more than 20 years in higher education as I put myself through different post graduate degrees, I've leanred the best possible way of mapping the path of education.

Personal Coaching is for those who need to take care of themselves but are not sure how to do this. It can be an apearance issue, or communications problems. Some need to know how to attaract a partner. My Personal  Coaching can be an invaluable service. After an initial interview, I make a plan specific to your needs and goals. 

Career Coaching Planing a career is not always as straight forward as many think. Yes some people have a natural love for a certain career. However many of us, especialy those in their 20s and early 30s, have difficulty deciding what career to follow. This is due to having too many options, or not having a strong interest in anything in particular. 

Business Coaching  This is an area where I can play multiple roles. As an advisor to the CEO, Operations and efficiency, Marketing, Business Development, Communications with Clients, Communications with Staff and Workforce, Leadership Skills, Motivation, Confidence Building and more.


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