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Writer's Block

I am a writer. I've been one since I was 6 years old. In my lifetime I've faced every problem a writer can face. I developed my own system of overcoming these problems. Today I use my techniques in conjunction with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), in helping fellow writers to overcome their writing problems.

Producer's Headache

So everyone wants to be a producer. Successful actors when making a contract ask for a producer's credit. But what does a producer really do? Making a movie is like building a house. There are tens of teams of people involved. Each team has their own responsibilities. All these teams connect with each other and if one team is trailing behind, the other teams are slowed down too.

A producer has to put these teams together. Has to make sure every individual member of the team is right for the job. Then he has to bring these teams together. The producer has to make sure they all work well together. He has to take care of the actor's needs and wants, he has to come up with solutions at the spare of the moment. He has to calm the DP down when the gaffer is not producing the right lighting. He has to put gas in all cars, has to deal with the investors, has to get permits, has to deal with the unions, SAG, WGA, DGA, bla bla bla... the list goes on. Just reading the list is stressful and that's not half of it.

The producer has to go to bed and get a good night's rest with all of the above in his head. Do you think he needs therapy?

Call me before it gets too much to handle.



Many talented actors and actresses never make it to the call backs or if they do, they lose the role to someone less talented. This is because they need to know more than audition techniques. They need to learn the psychology of auditioning. As a director I've spent hours in the casting sessions where I've witnessed talented actors let themselves down simply because they didn't understand the real reason for an audition. I not only teach my clients Audition Psychology, but will also help them with their look for the headshots, their facial and body movements and much more in an effort to get that part.

Behind the Camera

Writers and actors are only a small part of what makes a movie. At different stages of production different people are involved. Producers, location scouts, transportation, camera department, Grip and gaffer, PAs, UPMs... the list just goes on. Lets not forget post-production and the editors, sound, score, post managers, these are very responsible jobs. With high responsibility comes high levels of stress. I've been through all these stages. I've edited on FCP, Adobe, and recently the Avid Composer 5.5. Creativity begins with the writer and continues through the director and is completed in post. Every stage plays a major part. I understand these responsibilities and can help you deal with them in the best possible way.




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