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See also Substance/Alcohol Addiction

Sex/Love Addiction

When the word addiction is mentioned, most people think of illegal material such as Heroin, Cocaine,  or other similar habit forming substances. In recent years new forms of addiction have surfaced. Terms such gambling, food, and sex addiction have become more popular. Therefore addition is not just about substances, but there are other addictive behaviors that are just as destructive to our lives as these substances.

One of the major problems we are facing in our modern society is Love and/or Sex Addiction. These can be more damaging than any substance. This form of addiction not only hurts the addict, but their families including wife/husband, children and grandchildren, their jobs, their friends and the circle just gets wider and wider.

Treating sex addiction involves teaching the patient new ways of behaving as well as new ways of thinking, since sex addiction is both a behavioral disorder and a thought disorder. One of my specialties is treating love/sexual addiction. Through the years, I have attended group meetings, interviewed sex addicts, read dozens of research material and treated tens of individuals with this type of addiction. I have produced my own program of treatment which has proven to be very successful. Using this program I interview the patient with very specific questions. I will then produce a specific treatment plan for that particular patient and in a very directive way teach the patient how to use the plan. These plans are patient specific based on the interviews that I have had with them.

I also try to involve partners in this treatment. Partners of Love/Sex addicts have been hurt and need their own treatment. Helping the addict member of the family with their treatment will become a part of their own recovery and treatment. This in turn will help get family ties closer, and ensure the minimization of relapse.

Are you suffering with Sex Addiction

Here are a few guidelines. Do you ever have these thoughts or feelings:

  • I need help for the way I think about sex
  • I wish I didn't keep "giving in"
  • Sex or sexual thoughts are controlling me
  • I like sex because it helps me escape from realities of life
  • Sex relieves my Anxiety
  • I feel guilty, remorseful, or even depressed after sex with someone other than my partner.
  • My sexual pursuit is very compulsive
  • My sexual behavior interferes with my relationship with my spouse/partner
  • I keep going from one relationship to another
  • I visit prostitutes
  • If I were in the right relationship I would not be lusting, masturbating, or desiring new partners.
  • My pursuit of sex is effecting my work

These are just some of the traits of a sex addict. Sex takes over and controls everything.


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