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A Humanistic, Existentialist Therapist with CBT at heart.

Through my own experiences I've learnt that to be able to help others, you need to be honest. You need to respect others, their opinions, beliefs, needs and wants.

While studying for my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology (MACP) I became familiar with different schools of thoughts or "orientations" in Psychotherapy. It was then that I realized what was best suited for me as a therapist to practice when working with my clients. The more I learned the more I leaned toward the Humanistic/Existentialist theories or "here and now" as they're better known as. I decided on these orientations because I feel that in today's fast pacing life, my clients would want what I want, IMMEDIATE results, QUICK recovery, and HOPES of getting back to a normal and successful life as quickly as possible. Though I believe Psychoanalysis (digging out your past) is an essential part of recovery in some cases, there are times when a faster mode of recovery is preferred.

Cultural Diversity: I have traveled to 4 continents, Africa, Asia, Europe & N. America and lived in the latter three. From the ice cold mountains of Norway in Scandinavia, to the Sahara Desert in Africa, from the Moslem Middle-East to the Conservative Mormon Utah, I've spent time with different cultures and religions. I've come to understand that every culture has a lot of good to offer as well as having it's own needs, it's own personality and it's own remedies. This has been very helpful when dealing with clients and patients of so many different ethnic backgrounds.

Filmmaker Therapy: I am also a Writer/Director (IMDB) with over 10 years of experience in Hollywood. Through this work I've come to learn and understand the needs and problems tied to the entertainment business. Whether you're behind the camera or in front of it, there are stresses connected with this industry that only an insider would understand and be able to help. I've been involved in every aspect of movie production. From writing a script and dealing with writer's block, to pre-production, production and principle photography, to the wrap party and then post production. I've experienced every aspect and the difficulties faced by the professionals. As an insider I can relate to this group of clients and help them unlike any other therapist.

Engineering Therapy: I started writing at a very early age. At about the same time I started playing around with electronics. I always knew I wanted to become an  engineer designing complicated circuitry that operated equipment essential to our living as well as entertaining us. With a BEng (Hon) degree from the well known Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, I managed to achieve that goal. As a part of highly experienced and motivated team of engineers, I contributed to our military industry as well as the home-entertainment sector.

Near Future: Today I continue writing and directing both shorts and feature length projects, mainly in the action genre.




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